Emotional Attachments & the Twelve Houses of Astrology

Emotional Attachment is something we all experience in life.

In the first house of Aries we make an emotional attachment to certain belief systems, concepts, theories, and thinking patterns passed down from generation to generations.

This may be religious/spiritual, political, psychological, educational, social class, and we take-action based on what knowledge, wisdom, and insight is passed on to us through our family and local culture.

We make emotional attachments to the way we see ourselves as individual based on what we hear from others in the 7th house. We believe what we see, what we hear, we taste, what we smell, and what we touch in our physical reality as an individual.

Aries is the mental process, what we believe about ourselves from our geographical position on the earth, and how we feel we are experiencing events, what we are soaking in from our environment and external surroundings.

We come into this world without materialism and finances as individuals. Right from the beginning we learn we are physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, and sexually dependent on another person.

In the 2nd house of Taurus we make emotional attachments to materialism and finances. This may be our possessions such as our physical house, bed, table, couch, television, collections, jewelry, perfumes, make-up, clothes, shoes, carpets, art work, literature, find food, and fine wine. This may be any physical object we find of personal wealth and what we find to hold some form of sentimental value.

When you look at those who may be in poverty or those who live in wealthy homes the individual will hoard materialism in different ways.

One will hoard materialism out of the scarcity principle, as we have seen in the past with Uranus in Taurus, after WWII, and the Depression.

 The Cancer Pluto Generation (Traditionalists) saved everything, recycled everything, and found themselves hoarding materialism. Afraid to throw anything out, they made emotional attachments to materialism believing they’d never have enough. This made it hard for some of them to give up any object. The Scarcity principle became key in teaching future generations to hoard materialism.

The Wealthy may have collections of material objects in their homes. This might be artifacts, art, literature, animals they’ve hunted, or displaying materialism they have acquired from their travels in life, what they find interesting, what they want to show off. A reward for their hard work, dedication, and devotion to their career. This is more geared to their personal enjoyment, versus hoarding for survival.

When one loses their materialism, land, and property, they may have a difficult time letting go of the physical objects.

In the 3rd house of Gemini, of siblings, neighbors, co-workers, strangers, and family, one makes and emotional attachment to those they love in their biological family, friendships, social circle, work circle, educational circler, or other social groups one might join.

When the relationship ends through divorce or separation, individuals have a difficult time letting go of any kind of physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental relationship they have formed with another individual. It’s impossible to establish relationships in general without forming an emotional, mental, or spiritual bond.

In the 4th house of Cancer, the home and family. There is an emotional bond to those who live in the home environment. This may be immediate family members, the maternal side of the family, grandmothers, wife, husband, children, parents, or sometimes extended family who may share the physical home. When those in the immediate environment pass away, divorce, or separate from the rest of the family, one may have a difficult time letting go and breaking their emotional attachment.

In the 5th house of Leo, In the world of entertainment, children and pleasure, we form emotional attachments with what forms of entertainment we enjoy.

This may be gaming, gambling, pornography, foreign substances, music, spiritual/religious groups, alcoholism, internet platforms in social media, social platforms, social groups, and various forms of amusement. Online or offline, we seek pleasurable experiences, ways to have fun, and play as little children or adult children in various ways.

By human nature we may create addictions and habits from pleasurable experiences. What feels good is not always healthy, and we make emotional attachments to what makes us feel pleasant.

In the 6th house of Virgo is the health house. We can make emotional attachments to physical fitness, eating certain foods, taking prescription medications, becoming depended on what a physician, health practitioner, or some other health provider or care taker to meet all our physical and health needs.

This might be becoming emotionally attached to a nurse, doctor, nurse aide, and if there are changes made in care the client may find it hard to let go of the health provider, medication, daily routine, daily activities, and resist changes in their physical life.

In the Spiritual/Holistic Health, Alternative Medicine, this may be making an emotional attachment to a guru, teacher, or healer, and finding it difficult to stand on one’s own feet, make one’s own choices, and navigate alone in the world and trust one’s own knowledge, insight, and wisdom.

This can also be in the Religious Community depending on a Priest, Nun, Minister, of other Spiritual teacher to meet the emotional, mental, and spiritual needs and becoming dependent on them to direct and navigate their life and relationships.

The person may make emotional attachments to their pets. Often people have a difficult time letting go of their cat, dog, horse, bird, or companion who has been a daily part of their life.

In the 7th house of Libra in Relationships this is making an emotional attachment to friends, co-workers, and romantic partner. This may bring emotional attachments in the form of desire itself to be in union with the masculine and feminine, to form intimate relationships with others who one may feel are the closest person in partnership in a romantic way and professional way. When the relationship ends, this is quite difficult to let go.

In the 8th house of Scorpio this brings emotional attachment in the sense through sexual and spiritual interactions with the masculine and feminine, there is a sexual bond, emotional bond, spiritual bond, financial bond, and physical bond with the masculine and feminine in marriage whether conventional or unconventional.

This also can be experienced outside of a sexual relationship, since the family environment shares resources of materialism and finances. When resources are taken away or given this will affect the whole entire group, versus just the individual. The entire social group can form emotional attachments to a certain life style and move up or down determined by the individual’s actions within the group and how there is a cause and effect through words, actions, and thoughts.

The whole social group can move up in status or move down in status.

In the 9th house of Sagittarius this brings emotional attachments to certain educational facilities in families. We’ve often heard families who attend the same University for generations. This can also bring upheaval, when one in the family decides to move to another educational institution.

This may involve emotional attachments to politics, spiritual/religious, psychological, or philosophical beliefs, concepts, and theories passed down from generation to generation. And individual may break away from the father’s teachings, father figures teachings, or family teachings and conform to another belief system.

One may conform to a certain belief system in the first part of life and change their belief system entirely later on in life, or multiple times in life depending on their educational goals and social intentions.

This may be breaking out of the conditioning of culture and family can be quite difficult, and breaking the emotional attachment to dysfunctional belief systems, theories, and concepts and transcending them completely.

In the 10th house of Capricorn this brings the emotional attachment to career. One can become a workaholic and devote their time, attention, and focus to their career 24/7. You may see this with entrepreneurs, certain top professionals in the world, and those who may strive for materialism and finances.

This may also be creating an emotional attachment to the outcome of financial success and financial freedom. Which everyone may not achieve as a millionaire or billionaire but may status in the local community as a doctor, lawyer, nurse, business owner, or other profession.

One may make an emotional attachment about their physical appearance, their reputation, what people may say about them in the public eye.

You may see murders, and other criminals create and emotional attachment to harming themselves or other people, and using it to gain attention, focus, and fame.

In the 11th house of Aquarius this brings emotional attachment to social groups, social status, the rewards, awards, the great achievements for an individual’s hard work.

There may be an emotional attachment to being competitive, being number one, and gaining the gold medal in Olympics, the trophy in high school, or a monument in the local community, or statue, to remind others in their community of their identity and contribution to society.

When one has lost their positive rewards, and falls from grace, they may find themselves without positive rewards, but left with gossip, rumors, and bad reviews. The person may have a difficult time breaking out of their status, life style, and letting go of their popularity status.

For most people they experience this through gossip from family, friends, and co-workers and usually drama and trauma is created whether in a positive or negative way.

The whole social group is involved, and one can not understand why people are attacking their character, saying the things they’re saying, and are finding it quite difficult to break out their emotional attachment to the individuals, social group, or old self, of who they’ve been in life.

In the 12th house of Pisces we can make emotional attachments to the past trauma and drama in family relationships. We may have emotional attachments to emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, sexual, and financial patterns from past generations, the karma or family conditioning which has caused one pain and turmoil in various forms.

We can make emotional attachments to geographical locations of traumatic events, music, literature, movies, artwork, environments, a certain house, park, lake, or neighborhood.

We can make emotional attachments to certain sights, scents, sounds, tastes, and textures we can feel from the traumatic event. These are how triggers are formed in our subconscious mind by conditioning of our five senses.

We may have difficulty in breaking these emotional triggers and may be sensitive.

We can also make emotional attachments to the Illusion, fantasy, fiction world of love and romance. As illustrated on television and movies, we may feel real life should be the ideal of what we see in the fictional world.

We may find our self emotionally attached to false teachings in certain social groups, cults, or public figures in the Spiritual, Religious, Political, or Educational Settings. We may think one thing at face value, but behind the scenes there may be something completely different.


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